BlitzWolf® K3 400A Peak Current Jump Starter Multi-Function Car 12000mAh Dual USB Power

790 kr


When your car battery’s flat, the K3 jump starter makes starting easy and you can start your engine in 4 easy steps.
Fit for cars with a displacement  below 4.0L for gasoline and for diesel below 2.5L.

1.Jump start your car around twenty times on a single charge.
2.Dual USB ports provide versatile power for your phone,tablet or any USB gadget.
3.Emergency LED with 3 modes:torch,strobe and SOS flashing.
4.4/5 times smaller than liquid acid battery’s with twice the lifespan, cycle life is rated at 1000 recharges.

5.Shake proof and anti-shock casing protects the battery from damage.

6.Anti-inverse current protection, protects your K3 jump starter from damage.
Brand: BlitzWolf
Type: K3
USB: 5V 1A /5V 2.1A
LED: 1W 86Lm 100,000 hours
Operating temperature: -20℃ -60℃
Charging time: 3 Hours
Starting current: 200A
Peak start current: 400A
Battery capacity: 12,000mAh (Actual output: 9900mAh)
Weight: 385g(K3 jump starter), 1kg(package)

Package Included:
1 X K3 Jump Starter
1 X 12V Battery Clips
1 X 12V Automobiles Charger
1 X USB Charge Line
1 X AC Home Adapter

1 X Storage Case


Do not use as a jump starter if the battery is less than 20% chargerd.
Fully charge for 3 hours the first time you receive the K3.
To avoid injury and/or damage to your vehicle, do not connect the red and black clamps together.


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